Our Support Services program is the backbone of our organization, and consists of one-on-one support, drop-in services, peer outreach, and weekly social groups. Our Support Services program operates under a strength-based and harm reduction philosophy. We understand the importance of providing non-judgmental services and building upon the strengths and experiences of sex workers.

If you have any questions about our Support Services program, please contact our Support Team by phone at (604) 872-7651 or email support@pace-society.com.

Our Support Services Include:

We provide one-on-one support to Sex Workers to address their immediate needs, while helping them in meeting long-term goals. Our one-on-one supports include:

  • Case coordination crisis management
  • Peer support
  • Health social services referrals
  • Member advocacy peer accompaniment
  • Legal advocacy court accompaniment
  • Support to prevent child apprehension
  • Support to facilitate family reunification
  • Individualized goal setting planning
  • Support to people wishing to leave sex work
  • Reference letters for housing, employment, courts
  • Assistance with social assistance housing
  • Gender Self-Determination Project
Our drop-in services provide low-threshold support to Sex Workers in Vancouver#8217;s Downtown Eastside neighbourhood, and are an entry point to our one-on-one services. Support provided through our drop-in services program include:

  • Peer support
  • Distribution of harm reduction supplies
  • Safety workshops
  • Peer support groups
  • Bad Date reporting
  • Clothing Bank
  • Nutritional services supports
  • Bus tickets
Our peer outreach team provides outreach services in Vancouver#8217;s Downtown Eastside neighbourhood, as well as nearby areas. Our peer outreach team meets with our members in both outdoor and indoor sex work settings to provide point-of-contact support and referrals. Supports provided by our peer outreach workers include:

  • Distribution of safer sex supplies (e.g., condoms, lubricant)
  • Distribution of other harm reduction supplies (e.g., syringes)
  • Referrals to our drop-in services
  • Referrals to our one-on-one support services
  • Distribution of transit tickets
  • Culturally-appropriate supports to Sex Workers of Aboriginal ancestry
  • Dissemination of bad date reports
  • Other direct supports, as appropriate