We recognize that Sex Workers may be vulnerable to various forms of violence, including bad dates, verbal harassment and abuse from the public, and police violence. Our Violence Prevention program provides support to Sex Workers who have experienced violence and prevention-based educational workshops that promote strategies to help Sex Workers minimize their risk of violence.

If you have any questions about our Violence Prevention program, please contact Sheri Kiselbach, Violence Prevention Coordinator, by phone at (604) 872-7651 or email at sheri@pace-society.org.

Our Violence Prevention Services Include:

We provide Violence Prevention workshops to our members and allied organizations to help address relevant, contextual safety concerns and promote violence prevention strategies among Sex Workers. Our Violence Prevention workshops include:

  • Teaching confrontation management skills
  • Training members in self-defense for extreme situations
  • Educating members about relevant laws, including the right to self-defense and reasonable force
  • Helping members to avoid internalizing anti-Sex Worker stigma (for example, that they ‘deserve’ violence)
  • Using ‘instincts’ to identify potentially dangerous situations, recognizing that Sex Workers have innate intuition because of their lived experiences
  • Recognizing that Sex Workers have expertise and knowledge to be passed on to others and encouraging them to share violence prevention strategies
  • Keeping members up-to-date on Bad Date lists and any sexual predators known to police

We provide one-on-one social and educational support to Sex Workers to address the impacts of violence and promote violence prevention strategies. We refer Sex Workers who have experienced violence and wish to receive enhanced supports to our Support Services Program. We also provide one-on-one violence prevention education, including:

  • Ongoing violence prevention education support
  • One-on-one safety planning, such as client screening
  • Information about community supports and emergency medical services
  • Information about relevant laws and legal supports
  • Regular updates on Bad Date lists and sexual predators known to police
  • Bad Date reporting