"There is always someone to talk to confidentially. There are no pressures here. Respect is always here. It is a very safe place for me. I know I will always find a welcoming home here at PACE."

AnonymousSex Worker


"We all get a chance to speak and tell our story. Everyone is respected and humanized here… PACE doesn’t tell you what to do but they give you ideas about how to be safe and options on how to get out."

AnonymousFormer Sex Worker


"The BELLE project helped me have confidence in myself. It helped me have self-control and straighten out my life. I got stability and control over my habits. They helped me get a home."

DebraFormer Peer Volunteer


“I have been attending the Safety Workshops here at PACE and they have helped my self-esteem. Now I have something to look forward to."

GigiSex Worker


“PACE has been the most respectful organization I’ve ever dealt with in all the DTES organizations I’ve been to. PACE means respect, dignity and freedom. We are all treated humanely at PACE."

DianaSex Worker


“I have a lot more self-confidence now… (PACE) is like a family here, on the weekends I can’t wait to come back… Doors are opening for me now."

GinaSex Worker


“They are very helpful and considerate. They make you feel comfortable. I have met a lot of very, very nice people. You come here feeling down and depressed and there’s always someone here that lifts your spirits, and they listen to your problems."

BeaSex Worker

Indian Princess

“With organizations like PACE, I’m living in a healthier atmosphere today. (At PACE you can) find local support networks, challenge yourself to endeavor in the programs and take the risk to learn about the life you never had and the life you want to live."

Indian PrincessSex Worker


“Before PACE, I was not aware of all the support programs available to women in the sex trade in the DTES. Each member and staff of PACE always gave all they could and also they would give more when they could."

JulieSex Worker


“I felt not judged and like I could be myself. PACE means safety, friends, and understanding – a place to grow and to watch others grow. ”

MandaSex Worker